Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I need Counselling?

"Only you can decide!"

If life is becoming too difficult and you are finding it hard to cope!

Counselling in not perceived as a failure but a brave step in exploring how to handle your distresses. Counselling can help you move on in your life with valuable insight, understanding and personal growth.

Is Counselling Confidential?
Confidentiality is discussed in full detail within the first initial session.

What would I expect on my Initial Counselling Session?
We would discuss your reasons for coming to counselling and explore your expectations. We would discuss the Confidentiality Policy in full detail. If you feel counselling is the right path to take, we would then discuss a contract which would consist of: number of sessions, contact details, cancellation etc...

How Many sessions would I need?
Sessions would be once a week, preferably same day and time. Generally between 8-12 sessions but if this was to be insufficient or too many then we would re-contract and negotiate the number of sessions needed.

What is the length of each session?
Length of each session is a duration of one hour.

Are you Insured?
All Counsellors need to have a Specialised Insurance. I am insured with "Towergate Professional Risks".

How do I contact you to make an appointment?
Leave a message on either Tel: 07887 558568 or Email: and I will respond promptly.

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