Adults and Young People Experience

I currently run a successful private counselling service for Adults and Young People (age 12 upwards).

Organisations I have worked for:
Cogwheel Trust
Sky Blue Therapy
Secondary school- recently awarded the Diploma in “Trauma and Mental Health in Schools” practitioner status

The service I offer to young people (Children) is from ages 12 upwards. On occasions young people need extra emotional support beyond the normal pastoral care offered by Teachers and Year Managers. In some schools, colleges and external agencies, counselling is available. However, more recently there has been an uptake in the number of young people experiencing health issues such as depression, Bipolar, Eating Disorders, self-harm, anxiety, stress, trauma and other issues relating to bullying, parents separating/Divorce, loss and many more. The waiting lists for counselling are growing. And for success I believe Counselling should be more immediate!

Over the few years I have gained experience in working with young people and adults who come under the Autistic Spectrum, ADHD, Oppositional Behaviour and Tourette's Syndrome.

Young people need specialist help from Counsellors, where the young person is encouraged to express their feelings and thoughts about their concerns and how they might want things to be different. They may have developmental issues, resolving problems, improving relationships, making choices and coping with change.

Counselling allows people to gain insight which helps them to understand and grow as a person. This allows them to understand themselves and their behaviours better and therefore improve ways of coping.

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